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    • Again, unfairly banned for something I haven't done, the first time I got banned I was told by Krystal not to wallbang again or I would get a perm ban.. how stupid would I have to be to go and do it again straight away? This 2nd time I was told by Midnight that it was from 2 kills I got yesterday for killing Dave 2.0 , said there was evidence of wallbanging.. I know for a fact that I wasn't wallbanging, but if that evidence is so clear can I at least see it for myself?  I'd actually enjoy a good laugh.. I put cinder windows all around the top of my base so that no one could accuse me of wallbanging, since you can't shoot through cinder or blinders.. and then guess what, I get banned.. Let me see the video of me actually killing someone with a wallbang or doing it purposedly. I know what I've done, and it wasn't what I'm getting accused of doing
    • If i may ask, what was it raised to? 
    • Any plans on this? ATM you can get around 40k from a regular easy mission crate. But looting any town/city for more than 10-15minutes and you have earned yourself at least 30k allready. Weapons and vehicles don't cost much, about the same as on other exile servers but you still earn about 7x the money. Take rocket launchers for example. A whopping 30k+ in the bm but you can loot them anywhere and guaranteed to get one killing AI on missions. Rare items should be expensive to buy and vice versa. I get this server is supposed to be a bit easier and to attract newer players with so easy to earn money. But it's waay to easy! I have 12 hours played on the server and i have 400k pop tabs allready. Just from doing some random mission and looting whatever town i spawn in. And i dont even know what i'm supposed to feel, is 400k ALOT  or barely anything at all? I can buy top tier gear a thousand times over because it's still cheap. But i can't buy more than 13 rocket launchers for all that money and that's not counting the ammunition. Raiding is super expensive and with the inflated currency earning money for it is still not a problem, so you got the right idea with that. Batteries 7k ea and grinders i don't know but you can find them everywhere and they sell for 5k. That means to grind 1x door it's gonna cost you 147k poptabs. So now my 400k seems like barely anything at all?  I'm thinking out loud here but if you increase money earned by this much shouldn't you increase prices as well? Easiest way to go about this would be to decrease money earned and just change the few things in this game that is actually expensive, explosives and raiding materials.   my 2 cents